Our Vision

Our Vission is to enable our clients to have a good finished product without any short term fixes, to educate them on the best possible solutions and to execute an order of the highest standard by adherring to the approved standard and complete the project on time to the customers satisfaction. Our Technicians are professionally qualified.

Timber flooring is common these days and simultaneously professionals and companies have come up. Although there are techniques and methods of handling tools in the field, most of the professionals do not use such methods and creativity. The customer has a doubt whether present professionals use geometric and creativity methods as most of them use inferior products. The customer has to think twice when choosing a company. Not only customers but also some professionals are unable to select proper products according to climatic changes in Sri Lanka. We, who are qualified in the field and trained by the main company that introduced timber floorings to Sri Lanka , use proper machinery with necessary pressure for sand papers and level the floor without uneven. trained by the main company that introduced timber floorings to Sri Lanka.

  • Burma Teak
  • Sri Lankan Teak
  • Kabuk
  • Asian Oak
  • Kempus
  • Pare Mara (Banyan)

Before laying the floor we season the wood and remove all the excess moisture. To do that we have to take into consideration the following measures:

  • Temperature
  • Wetty places (outdoor)
  • Plumping, sink or bathroom next to the floor
  • Any insects to be exterminated